The 4th Workshop on
Decentralized Finance

In Association with Financial Cryptography 2024

March 8, 2024

Curacao Marriott Beach Resort
Willemstad, Curaçao


Friday, March 8, 2024

Session 1: DeFi Protocol Design
Session Chair: TBA

am-AMM: An Auction-Managed Automated Market Maker
Austin Adams (Uniswap Labs), Ciamac Moallemi (Columbia University), Sara Reynolds (Uniswap Labs), Dan Robinson (Paradigm)

Walraswap: a solution to uniform price batch auctions
Sergio Yuhjtman (Flashbots)

Self-Resolving Prediction Markets for Unverifiable Outcomes
Siddarth Srinivasan (Harvard University), Ezra Karger (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago), Yiling Chen (Harvard University)

10:30–11:00 Break
Location: Royal Ballroom Pre-Function East

Session 2: DeFi Analysis
Session Chair: TBA

An Analysis of Fixed Spread Liquidation in DeFi
Ciamac Moallemi (Columbia University), Utkarsh Patange (Columbia University)

Talk: Non-Atomic Arbitrage in Decentralized Finance
Lioba Heimbach (ETH Zurich), Vabuk Pahari (MPI-SWS), Eric Schertenleib (unaffiliated)

Talk: Attacks on DAOs
Rainer Feichtinger (ETH Zurich), Robin Fritsch (ETH Zurich), Lioba Heimbach (ETH Zurich), Yann Vonlanthen (ETH Zurich),

Talk: Blockchain scaling and liquidity concentration on decentralized exchanges
Basile Caparros (ChainSolid Labs), Amit Chaudhary (Warwick Business School), Olga Klein (Warwick Business School)

Talk: The Potential of Self-Regulation for Front-Running Prevention on DEXes
Lioba Heimbach (ETH Zurich), Eric Schertenleib (unaffiliated), Roger Wattenhofer (ETH Zurich)

13:00–14:15 Lunch
Location: CSpice

Session 3: Block Building & MEV
Session Chair: TBA

Transaction Ordering Auctions
Jan Christoph Schlegel (City, University of London and Flashbots)

Structural Advantages for Integrated Builders in MEV-Boost
Max Resnick (Special Mechanisms Group), Mallesh Pai (Rice University, Special Mechanisms Group)

Talk: Fair Ordering via Streaming Social Choice Theory
Geoffrey Ramseyer (Stanford University), Ashish Goel (Stanford University)

Talk: Transaction Fee Mechanism Design with Active Block Producers
Maryam Bahrani (a16z crypto), Pranav Garimidi (a16z crypto), Tim Roughgarden (a16z crypto, Columbia University)

16:30–20:45 Sunset Cruise
Location: Jan Thiel Zanzibar (departure from lobby)