8th Workshop on Trusted Smart Contracts (WTSC)

In Association with Financial Cryptography 2024

March 8, 2024

Curacao Marriott Beach Resort
Willemstad, Curaçao

Program Chairs

Andrea Bracciali University of Turin, IT
Geoffrey GoodellUCL, UK
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WTSC focusses on the trustworthy programmability of blockchains and applications, and their (formal) verification and validation. Smart contracts, i.e. self-enforcing agreements in the form of executable programs that are deployed to and run on top of blockchains, are key in such a context. From the original idea of Bitcoin and its restricted language for the validation of economical transactions, several other approaches have been put forward, further developing the idea of algorithmic validation of decentralised trust, along Szabo's intuition. These include specialised, expressive, inspired by Turing completeness lanugages and programming models, both on-chain, i.e. validated by the consenus mechanism, and off-chain, so called layer-2 solutions that interact with the blockchain. A rich eco-system has been developed, with impact on several socio-economic aspects, from identity, to decentralised and democratised finance, new markets and business models, new forms of payments, tokenomics, fintech, governance and privacy, to cite a few.

Attacks, from the (in)famous DAO attack (and the discussed fork adopted as a counter measure) onwards, have shown how potentially fragile and senistive to errors the framework of decentralised trust can be.

WTSC aims to better understand such technologies, novel programming paradigms and execution environments. Multidisciplinary and multifactorial aspects affect correctness, safety, privacy, authentication, efficiency, sustainability, resilience and trust in smart contracts. Existing frameworks, which are competing for their market share, adopt different solutions, whose merits needs to be evaluated and compared by means of systematic scientific investigation, and further research is needed towards laying the foundations of Trusted Smart Contracts.

The Workshop on Trusted Smart Contracts (WTSC) aims to gather together researchers from both academia and industry interested in the many facets of Trusted Smart Contract engineering, and to provide a multi-disciplinary forum for discussing open problems, proposed solutions and the vision on future developments. Experts in fields including (but not limited to!) programming languages, verification, security, decision and game theory, cryptography, monetary systems, finance, and economics, as well as pratictioners and companies interested in block chain technologies, are invited to take part in this third edition of WTSC and make it a lively forum.

FC is organized annually by the International Financial Cryptography Association in cooperation with IACR.